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When you begin scaling your business, it’s vitally important that it’s done properly. It can be a fatal mistake for the business to scale too quickly. Growth in business is exciting, but it’s vital that a company carefully plans how they can best deliver their product or service to their clients. If your company cannot carry through on its promises to customers, the business won’t be able to successfully scale. Before a company begins scaling, it’s important to set up a platform of stability and opportunity for growth. When that growth happens, a company needs to be in the position to successfully scale and take advantage of new opportunities.

Step back and evaluate

Even before it’s time to scale the business, take time to evaluate where the business stands. It may seem like scaling and significant growth is far away in the future, or it could be much closer than you think. It’s important to have a clear understanding of where the business stands and what scenarios could play out when it comes to growth and scalability. Periodically take time to evaluate the company and be realistic about what the future could hold.

Plan ahead

Once you’ve evaluated where the company is, take time to make a plan on how to scale when the opportunity presents itself. It’s important to learn as much as possible about the process of scaling and growing a business, even before the opportunity presents itself. When the time comes to scale a business, it can be overwhelming and there will be rapid growth, so it’s important to be as prepared as possible.

Be financially stable

As mentioned in another recent blogscaling a business is a major financial challenge that far too many companies cannot work through. Before scaling, a company should take steps to ensure that they’re financially stable and can handle the new changes that are necessary with scaling. Having finances in order and even having money set aside for when growth presents itself can help a business scale.

Secure new customers

Before making attempts to grow and scale a business, new customers must be found. Consistent revenue and cash flow is key to growing a business. This goal is impossible without loyal and new customers. Clearly demonstrating the value of the company is integral to properly scaling a business and avoiding major mistakes.

Make smart hire choices

A very important step in scaling a business is making sure you hire the best people. It can be tempting when a business rapidly grows to hire people as quickly as possible, even if they do not have all the skills or experience that are desired. When a company settles for hiring instead of carefully vetting potential employees, it can be disastrous. The last problem a scaling company wants are employees who do not know what they’re doing and create dissatisfied customers.